About Our Health Insurance Brokers

Insurance Marketplace Navigators is the creation of a group of CLIENT-CENTRIC, REALISTIC, FORWARD THINKING health insurance brokers. Our goal is to allow all Americans to evaluate and purchase the health insurance necessary to comply with the Patient Protection Affordable Care Act (PPACA) also known as ObamaCare. We recognize that the Patient Protection Affordable Care Act PPACA is here to stay in some incarnation or other. While the politicians debate the aspects we endeavor to provide an unvarnished look at the rates, plan designs, and providers available for each health care plan available in your state. Our goal is to eventually provide information for every state in America – from Alabama to Wyoming. We include both the public and private marketplace within our free insurance rates quote engine.

While every American will be required by law to participate in the purchase of insurance not every American will qualify for federal government premium or benefit co-payment subsidy. Those Americans who are provided health insurance through their employer, spouse, retirement program, military, or other means may or may not be impacted by the law. However, many Americans are currently uninsured, underinsured, or uninsurable. Regardless of your situation, our site has something to offer to every American so please examine the website for all your health insurance needs.

Our online tools like the aforementioned health insurance quotes engine will help you determine if you qualify for federal government subsidy of your premium and benefit plan co-payments. Our resource links to other websites are for your reading and viewing pleasure. These links are designed to inform and allow you to help understand this new era of healthcare in America. In this new age of “consumerism” in health care, you will have the right to purchase insurance regardless of health, with no pre-existing condition riders, and with no regard to gender. Your rates will be calculated by age, location, and plan design.

Knowledge is power and the key to knowledge is information. Once you have established your eligibility for health care coverage, you may compare health insurance rates, plans, and provider networks for all the carriers in the state where you reside. Decisions are easy to make when you have all the facts. Generally, healthy Americans fear high premiums and desire higher deductibles and co-payments to keep their premiums lower. Other Americans who have experienced illness and hospitalization due to accident or sickness are more concerned about healthcare provider costs than premiums. There is no one correct answer.

Insurance Marketplace Navigators works for our clients. We do not work for the insurance industry. We act as a conduit to the insurance industry as health insurance brokers. If you have questions, our very professional, experienced and courteous administrators will gladly listen to your questions and comments, answer your questions, address your specific needs, and help you create the most effective strategy to maximize your savings and purchasing power.

Insurance Marketplace Navigators wants to provide every American with the satisfaction of determining which health insurance plan and coverage is the best for them.

Thank you for your interest. We look forward to serving and assisting you. You can contact us to get started, or with any questions or concerns today.